Features and Facilities

Located in the Hai Al Faiha district (Old Airport) in the heart of Jeddah city with close proximity to King Abdulaziz University campus, FGIS has State-of-the-art facilities. It operates in a custom built building, with wide corridors and spacious classrooms.


Classrooms are colourfully decorated to suit children's mentality. Lower classes are provided with grouped seating to instill team work approach in the children from an early age itself.


As part of Utilizing modern equipment and methods in the field of teaching, FGIS employs electronic smartboards in every classroom. These are large touch sensitive boards at the disposal of the teacher. Teachers can interact with the board either in the traditional blackboard way or via its smart interface. Lessons are converted to Powerpoint slides and taught through the smartboard. Inclusion of pictures, animations and sounds helps maintain students' interest and makes learning more fun-filled. Contents of the board could be saved on the computer if required, in order to continue in a future session. They could also be printed or emailed directly from the board itself.

A built-in resource library contains huge collection of pictures categorized under different titles. These could be displayed on the board and explained to the students. Most geometric tools (virtual) like protractor and compass are also part of the smart features.

The smarboard makes the process of teaching and learning more productive and enjoyable.

Networked Classrooms

All the classroom computers at FGIS are networked. As the computer connected to a smartboard is part of the network, resources could be searched and downloaded from the internet as well as from the central server of the school. Internet can be browsed from the smartboard interface itself.

Student attendance records are also maintained on the classroom computer and could be accessed by the adminstration via the network.

Mobile Computer Lab

Moving away from a traditional computer lab setup, FGIS utilizes a mobile computer lab. Modern laptop computers, housed in a mobile unit, move to the classrooms as required. The mobile unit comprises charging station for the laptops, network connections and a wireless internet access point. Students can attend IT classes from within the comfort of their own classrooms, and in their own seats!

Other Facilities

All Montessori and play materials for kindergarten students are available. Each of the class rooms is provided with modern facilities to make the teaching and learning process as effective as possible.

Other facilities include, but not limited to:

  • Fully Shaded Play Ground
  • Well-Equipped Computer Lab with Internet Facility
  • Activity Room
  • Language Lab

Dear parent, you are encouraged to visit the school along with your family for a first-hand look at the facility. Please call the office for an appointment. We will be glad to take you on a tour and answer your queries.