Curriculum and Programmes


The school offers a curriculum based on British Syllabus. Admission is available from classes KG1 to Grade-III. The KG classes follow the Montessori Method of teaching. The method is well known as an active learning process.

Students are encouraged to work in groups in order to develop team spirit. The capabilities of students to make oral presentations are groomed properly and regularly, thanks to the electronic smart-boards.


Arabic Language & Religious Studies

Students who opt for Arabic language are taught by Arab teachers, in order to achieve maximum proficiency in the language. Students who opt to learn Qur’an recitation are taught by excellent Qarees (reciters). Moral science is also an option for any student.



FGIS makes it a point to give small projects from Kindergarten upwards. It is aimed at developing a child’s observational skills and helps as a means of quenching their curiosity.


Multiple Intelligence Theory

FGIS plans to introduce MI Theory of Howard Gardner at a gradual pace in the teaching process. As part of this, the KG worksheets are prepared in such a way that most of the concepts in the sheets address several of the intelligences put forward by Gardner. This will help children having different kinds of intelligences to be treated and trained the way they deserve.


Reading Club

What if there was one thing you could do that would absolutely improve your child’s ability in School? Well, there is! Research has shown the most important activity for building the knowledge for eventual success, is reading aloud to children. In our opinion reading aloud to your child “conditions the child to associate reading with pleasure, creates background knowledge, and provides a reading role model.”

We hear many parents say “sure I know I should read to my child, but who has the time?” What if we told you it would take only fifteen minutes a day?


Writers In The School

Every child deserves a holistic education that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and personal responsibility.

Writers in the school programme focuses on the writing process and addresses key objectives in language arts, including inventive word choices, sentence fluency, and clear organization. WITS (Writers in The School) long-term programme allows students to develop their writing skills by receiving intensive instructions, and time to practice to master in new techniques. Through innovative approaches WITS writers build skills in reading and analysis, and emphasize the importance of revision.


Other Programmes

Spelling Bee     Download
Arabic & Quran     Download
Brain Stimulation     Download
Harcourt Language Class     Download
Multiple Intelligence     Download


Gifted Students Programme

FGI school is pleased to announce an ambitious programme for students of Jeddah by name Gifted Students Educational programme that helps find out gifted children and then train and groom them properly.

To know more about the program, please read Gifted Children’s Educational programme: Generally Asked Questions & Answers.

If you want to find out whether your child is gifted or not, kindly use the format that fits the child’s grade in the school by clicking on any one of the following links:

Play School & Grade 1 || Grade 2 - 3

If you have further questions about the programme, kindly contact the principal during working hours.